Delighting in walking with God

Missionary - Psychologist Verônica Farias

Delighting in walking with God

Dear Friends,

I´m proceeding to learn how difficult and interesting it is to live in another culture, and all the implications on the emotional, spiritual and physical health. I have experienced emotions often oscillating, the soul crying out to God constantly, and the body replying with exhaustion. In spite of this, my very being thirsts more for God and of His ways.
I have seen that our Love for God overcomes all of the weakness and uncertainties. As well as vulnerability which is a human condition which also affects those living a life based on faith. Actually, there is absolutely nothing extraordinary in this group of Christians who left their land, church, family and homes to go where the Lord has challenged them. They are usual people with questions, frustrations, dreams and expectations about their lives and their futures. They have routine lives the same as everyone has. Then the mission field is an ordinary place and not the dream environment people sometimes imagine it to be.
Regardless of their ministerial calling which sometimes includes risks and uncomfortable situations, they are not facing all these without fear, but bearing in mind this is the only way to delight in God and in oneself as well.
I have found out through the interviews and therapy with transcultural missionaries that, in spite of the defiant context of the lives that they are living, there is an enthusiasm and joy in their faces while they´re describing their ministries. Actually I share their feelings of cheerfulness wholeheartedly.
I can conclude that the delight of whom we serve don´t refer to a place or office, but rather, to a walk with Christ in these ways, and we play an immensely privileged part in introducing people to the knowledge of the glory of God.
Personally, my challenge is living like them and figuring out their feelings, behavior and thoughts. My land is, however, the missionaries and their lives wherever they are. My ministry is empowering them to become emotionally capable to carry out the Mission.
Therefore, I invite you once again to pray about me and this ministry. It’s a great contribution that you can make in my life. I need to keep the focus on Jesus and be obedient to His direction.
Please, pray for my next journey in April. I´m going to travel to the different cities in South Africa and Mozambique, visiting missionaries in their contexts of ministry. Pray for the financial support of these trips, for my health and the protection of God wherever I go. I also need to depend on God to be wise in my counseling work.

With Thankfulness, Joy and Faith,

About me:
I am from Brazil, Recife-PE (Northeast). I´m dedicated full time to the ministry as leadership in Evangelism and planting church. I´m also serving as a psychologist. At this time, I´m joined to the Kenilworth Community Presbyterian Church in Cape Town.
If you need more information or want to become a partner in this ministry, please contact me:
Skype: veronicasfarias / Mobile: 027 71 2338118

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